Monday, August 31, 2009

Fargo Town & Gown Walkabout

Today our studio team  (with Ron) walked around our Town and Gown target area. We took a novel approach and tried to walk "against" the one way avenues, giving us a perspective the a we don't normally get in a car. 
We lingered at the old buildings, the hot sites for renovation the Union Transfer and Storage site, Woodrow Wilson School, Cooper Tire warehouse. and the Great Northern warehouse. Along the way, we discussed single family neighborhoods, the verity of Multifamily sites, and the manifestations of redevelopment, restorations and NDSU downtown campus venues.
Ron talked about planning as it was done versus how it seems to be handled today (the smoke filled room verses neighborhood organizations).  I believe the students received an introduction to physical aspects of the area  and the possibilities for development that left their head spinning. 

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