Monday, September 14, 2009

The more people we talk too....

One very apparent thing is that the more people we talk too, we find the more people we should talk too! ENOUGH SAID.

A Place and its People

We have had a series of studio discussions with a variety of individuals each representing differing roles and points of view in what is becoming a very diverse district in Fargo. Once this district served Fargo's the warehousing needs but after the establishment of the industrial park, sat stagnant for decades. Residents sped thru it on two pairs of efficient one-ways that first allowed quick transport from downtown to West Main Avenue and University Avenue South then to West Acres and beyond.
Our speakers were:
Ron Ramsay, District Resident and NDSU Architectural History Professor
Steve Stoner, Park Company Reality and Investments.
Craig Helenske, Helenske Design Group
Nicole Boudreaux Crutchfield, Fargo City Planning
Bob Stein, Fargo City Planning
Although each discussion was driven somewhat my the point of view of the guest. More importantly, common thread ran through them all stressing doing the right thing.